CATALyST program graduates

2021/2022 Graduates

Kevin Duan, MD, MS


Dr. Duan is a pulmonary and critical care physician and health services researcher at the University of Washington. His research is focused on care value, health policy, and health economics for patients with chronic pulmonary diseases. As a K12 CATALyST scholar, he evaluated health system performance of appropriate home oxygen prescribing in the Department of Veterans Affairs. He is currently funded by the NIH to study home oxygen pricing policy among Medicare patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


Gwen Lapham, PhD, MPH, MSW


Dr. Lapham is a substance use and mental health investigator at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute. Her research focuses on improving evidence-based care for substance use among primary care patients. Since completing design and piloting of integrated mental health care for adolescents as part of her LHS K12 training, she has turned her attention to rigorously evaluating Kaiser Permanente Washington’s implementation of the program throughout the health system.



Magaly (Maggie) Ramirez, PhD, MS, MS


Dr. Ramirez is an assistant professor in the Department of Health Systems and Population Health at the University of Washington School of Public Health. Soon after graduating from the CATALyST K12 program, she was also named as the inaugural William L. Dowling Endowed Professor in Health Administration. She has an interdisciplinary background in industrial and systems engineering, health services research, and learning health systems science. Dr. Ramirez’s research focuses on developing user-informed interventions to improve health equity, especially among Latino populations.


2020 Graduates

Yates Coley, PhD, MPH


Dr. Coley is continuing their research on statistical methods to improve the fairness and equity of clinical prediction models. They are also working on randomized trials to evaluate the impact of implementing prediction models on patient health.





Linnaea Schuttner, MD, MS


Dr. Schuttner is a primary care physician and clinician-investigator at the VA Puget Sound. Her research targets improving the patient-centeredness and quality of primary care, particularly for patients with multiple chronic conditions or at high-risk of adverse health outcomes. She focuses on clinical intervention development, implementation, and evaluation within primary care learning health systems environments.




Contact: Susan Brandzel
CATALyST Program Administrator