What is LHS research?

Learning health systems (LHS) research is scientific inquiry that is embedded in real-world health care systems. Its goal is not just to generate evidence — but also to inform action and decision-making in health care at the system level to improve quality, value, and patient health. LHS research is grounded in patient-centered outcomes and the unique capacity to rapidly implement promising findings into practice across complex health care settings. 

For more about learning health systems and LHS research, please check out these resources from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality:

Why pursue a career in LHS research?

LHS research is a rapidly growing field that has the potential to help transform health care nationally. Now more than ever, we need research that generates practical, affordable solutions to improve patient outcomes — as efficiently and as quickly as possible. But translating scientific discoveries into effective health care innovations is often a slow, challenging process with many bottlenecks and obstacles. LHS research provides a pivotal opportunity to change this paradigm by accelerating the implementation of evidence that benefits diverse populations.


Contact: Susan Brandzel
CATALyST Program Administrator