Survey Research Program

Our survey team brings expertise and efficiency to a variety of studies—providing custom survey design, study recruitment, data collection, and more.

Data collection with a personal touch

The Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (KPWHRI) Survey Research Program is a team of survey professionals with extensive experience providing specialized data collection services for our scientists, collaborators, and select outside clients who conduct research on health and health care. Because this is the only kind of research we do, we know how to do it right.

Since 1988, we’ve worked with real patients every day to collect data for KPWHRI and our research partners nationwide—reaching out to diverse populations and asking the right questions the right way to solicit honest, unbiased responses. We recognize that scientifically sound health research depends on high-quality data collection. And we deliver it with an experienced, personal touch.

Our experts provide a broad range of services

Our team includes about 12 full-time staff with expertise in survey research, plus 12 to 40 specially trained telephone interviewers and research specialists. At any given time, we have 15–25 active research projects. Our services include:

  • overall survey consultation, development, and design;
  • questionnaire pretesting;
  • phone, mail, web, and mixed-mode survey data collection;
  • telephone screening and recruitment for interventions and studies;
  • mail production work;
  • data entry for self-administered surveys or other paper questionnaires; and
  • biospecimen collection and informed consent for genetic studies.

Our approach is rigorous, customized, & cost-effective

We provide superior data quality, using evidence-based standards and effective quality-assurance procedures from project planning to data collection to final delivery.

We tailor our services to fit each unique study and patient population. Our team is skilled at building rapport that helps respondents feel comfortable answering sensitive questions about health and illness.

We offer comprehensive, high-quality services at competitive prices—helping ensure our scientists, collaborators, and other clients get the most for their money and spend their grant dollars wisely.

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For more information about KPWHRI's Survey Research Program, please contact:

Bianca DiJulio
Manager, Survey Research Program
MPE, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute