Be Part of a Study

When you volunteer for a study, serve on a patient advisory board, or share your ideas, you help us bring better health and health care to people everywhere.

Study volunteers make our research possible

Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute often invites Kaiser Permanente Washington members and others from the community to be part of our research. Thanks to the thousands of people who volunteer for our studies every year, we continue to find new ways to help improve health and health care.

How can you help?

Volunteer for a study 
You can make a difference by volunteering to be part of a study. Because of how most research is designed, we usually seek study participants who share specific characteristics — for example, people in a defined age group who have a certain health condition. But sometimes our studies recruit volunteers from the general public.

Take a look at the studies and research projects below that are currently recruiting to see if you might qualify for one. Not a match? Please check back again: We update this list as new volunteer opportunities become available.

Be a research adviser
Many of our studies need patients and community members to be part of a study advisory board or a focus group. Please visit this page again to learn about upcoming  opportunities to help guide our research teams as they design studies, seek grant funding, conduct the research, and share the results.


Volunteering for health research: To join or not to join?

How KPWHRI and its Institutional Review Board help potential study participants make informed decisions.