February 28, 2019

KPWHRI’s mentorship awards honor Deborah King and Dr. Diana Buist

Ashley Glass (left) with her mentor Deborah King.

The annual award honors those who commit to helping co-workers grow

Being a good mentor to co-workers is highly valued at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (KPWHRI).  Each year, the Institute presents awards to two individuals who provide outstanding service in promoting the career development of others.

The 2018 recipient of the Outstanding Staff Mentor Award is Deborah King, MSW—a research interventionist and clinical social worker who has worked on several studies, including many in behavioral health. Ms. King was praised for offering encouragement and advocacy to her co-workers. “It has been invaluable to have a mentor who has an eye for both the scientific and clinical realms,” wrote Interventionist Ashley Glass, who nominated her for the award.

Diana Buist, PhD, MPH, senior investigator and director of research and strategic partnerships, was honored with the 2018 Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award.  Those nominating Dr. Buist noted that her “unselfish” efforts have been instrumental in helping several scientists to launch their careers.  “Aside from funding, she has served as a mentor in areas of research and project collaboration, organization, and leadership,” her colleagues wrote.


 Erin Bowles, Melissa Rabelhofer, and mentor Diana Buist (left to right).

All KPWHRI staff and faculty are eligible for either award and the recipients are selected by a committee of their peers.

Others nominated as outstanding staff mentors are Cara Lewis, Karen Wernli, Sascha Dublin, Melissa Anderson, Erin Hertel, and Diana Buist.

Others nominated as outstanding faculty mentors are Andrea Cook, Sascha Dublin, Susan Shortreed, Paula Lozano, Nora Henrikson, Jessica Chubak, Kathy Bradley, Jen Nelson, and Greg Simon.

Thanks to the 2018 Mentorship Award Committee members: Helga Ding, Gwen Lapham, Emily Westbrook, David Arterburn, Robert Wellman, and Tanya Matthews.