May 2023

Mental-Health-Awareness-Month-2023_1col.jpgImproving and advancing mental health care

KPWHRI researchers are contributing to better mental health care for people nationwide.


kinless-older-adults_for-study_1col.jpgUsing long-term data to understand a vulnerable population

Studies offer insights into the lives of older adults with dementia who lack family.

Systematic-review-story_1col.jpgHow do you make sense of a mountain of evidence?

KPWHRI researchers answer questions about systematic reviews and their impact on health care guidelines.


Beverage-tax_1col.jpgSeattle's Sweetened Beverage Tax linked to improved public health outcomes

An evaluation with KPWHRI researchers looked at the impacts of the tax so far.

KPWHRI In the Media

ACT Study Seattle Times story_wood-bkg_1col.jpgFinding clues to dementia and Alzheimer’s

A recent feature in The Seattle Times looked at the many ways KPWHRI's long-running Adult Changes in Thought (ACT) Study has led research on dementia prevention.




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